Creating Self Love

Thru Entertainment

"I want you to love who you are,

not just the things that you do..."

-Josh Jacobs


Hi, my name is Joshua J. Cabrera but many know me more by my artist name Josh Jacobs. For many years, my dream had always been to be one of the best hip hop artists in the world, become famous, and to make millions of dollars. My initial thoughts were that if I can make this happen, than I'd truly find happiness. In reality, that couldn't be further from the truth.

It wasn't until I went to therapy that I began to understand what it is I was truly going thru. I learned what depression was, I learned what anxiety was, I learned about my triggers and traumas. I decided that I wanted to create content no longer as a means of escaping, but as a means of going thru them. The reception and satisfaction I got from doing this was what lead me to the discovery of what I believe my purpose truly is...

To help others with what Ive struggled with.

For those of you who follow me already, the tag on my socials is Who is Josh Jacobs. I believe that my music and content is a direct reflection of my journey to self discovery. Thank you's began to flood my inbox for tellin my story, relaying that they themselves had also been going thru similar hardships they wanted help with.

At this point I had another revelation. I wanted to create a space that was more inclusive to others, where others can come together as a community to not only consume my content but to meet, relate, and engage.

That is where Inliteend was born.


In the Present . Lite to Darkness . End of Turmoil

Inliteend LLC is a community brand I created to shed light and awareness on mental health, developing self love; putting an end to inner termoil through art, entertainment, merchandise, self help, philosophy, and all things Josh Jacobs related in order to reach a more enlightened state of mind.




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